May 2012

(For a more detailed version of this same information, written by Mikecheck out this post at The Frugal Filmmaker. )

In our VO class on Wednesday night some questions were asked about recording at home. And Shannon said to herself “Hey, we can post that stuff on our blog!” And it was good.

Whether you live in a small space,  only have a small apace in the large place that you live, or travel, it’s really nice to have a compact setup that you can easily put where you want it, and store away easily in the meantime. We really love Harlan Hogan’s Porta-Booth. It’s light, easy, affordable, and you can store all the parts in a small suitcase. Harlan gives instructions to make your own here, and also lets you order a pre-made one. They are a little easier to make than they used to be, as many stores like Target now sell a variety of fabric boxes like the ones Harlan uses.