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With the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City came not only sport, entertainment, fireworks and fun, but also a new addition to the Salt Lake production scene. Mike Fugal started Mike Fugal Productions that year and since then has been making his living working in a dozen or so production roles, adding new ones all the time. He started in special effects and quickly moved to work as a grip, gaffer and camera operator. He's worked extensively on national TV shows, including Signing Time and HomeTeam. He's travelled the world filming property profiles for resorts. He's done camera work using drone helicopters, spy cameras, and is familiar with many different Jib and Dolly systems.   For the past two years, Shannon has been working as our producer, casting director, tech support, administrative assistant, and (sometimes intentionally, sometimes not) production assistant. She produced the feature length film "The Legends of Mini-Golf" the summer of 2008 and has kept herself occupied as a busy location scout/manager.

2008 saw Shannon becoming the reason for the official name change from Mike Fugal Productions to Fugal Productions.