About Us

Fugal Productions is largely two people, Mike and Shannon Fugal. Here’s a little about each of them:

Mike was born in California and raised in Sandy, Utah. Despite claiming that he had no real inclination towards production work growing up, archive photos from the Fugal Family Box O’ Photos show a suspicious number of photos of Mike and his sister Becky (also now a filmmaker) creating video projects, including recording their father, Lee Fugal (performer and physicist). Despite his momentary (6 year) span spent working private security, production found Mike all the same.

Mike attended Alta High School. Along with the normal high school curriculum he studied percussion and architecture, giving him a good understanding of acoustics and lighting. He also met this great girl in history class, but more on that later.

Mike’s interests include animal welfare, dog training, video games, rock climbing, and martial arts. His favorite foods are cereal and bacon. His favorite charities are the Best Friends Animal Society, the Utah Humane Society, and the American Red Cross.


Shannon was born in Salt Lake City and grew up in Sandy, Utah as well. Her family has since moved to Draper, Utah, proving that the Andrews family both likes Utah, and dislikes moving. She also attended Alta High School, where she studied vocal music, French, and was a member of the Utah State champion Academic Decathlon team two years in a row. (Yes, it was high school, but she’s still proud of this, and loves her AD teammates.) After high school she attended the University of Utah where she got her BA in French. She also worked in tech support, learning computer skills and customer service, a skill set she finds herself returning to again and again. Along with her degree in French, Shannon has lived in France twice.

Shannon’s interests include knitting, crochet, spinning her own yarn, rock climbing, video games, movies, and travel. Her favorite foods are chocolate-based. Her favorite charities are the Utah Food Bank, the Primary Children’s Medical Center Foundation, and Les Restos du Coeur.