It’s hard to come up with a tagline when we do so many different things. Between the two of us we are producers, location audio mixers, boom pole operators, audio engineers, voiceover artists, location scouts, craft services, production coordinators, and production assistants, camera assistants, and location managers.

We talked about a lot of different taglines for our company. Among the options:

Fugal Productions: You make the sounds, we make them sound good.

With over ten years in the industry, Mike specializes in all things audio. He records and edits audio anywhere. He’s traveled the world recording varied pieces, including news reports, classrooms, NBA games, and corporate meetings. Among his corporate clients are Disney, TNT, E!, Adobe, CBS, ABC, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, The History Channel, BBC America, and the School Improvement Network.  He’s worked for some of the finest local production houses, including Imageworks Communications, Ron Hill Imagery, Kineto Pictures, Love Communications, and Lenzworks Productions.

Fugal Productions: Professional Support for Every Production.

Shannon has spent the last five years learning every aspect of the video production industry that she can. She specializes in producing, having produced an independent film. She enjoys juggling the many moving parts of a production and the coordination. She’s also an experienced production coordinator, a location scout, a location manager, and a production assistant, as well as providing craft services. Among her clients are E!, Opus Films, ProvoCraft, Signing Time, Disney, Epic Games, Primary Children’s Medical Center, MTV, and GE Healthcare. Locally she works with Kineto Pictures, Imageworks Communications, Metcom Studios, and Lenzworks Productions.

Fugal Productions: We can make it happen for you!

We’ve been doing what we do here in Salt Lake City for a while now. We do a lot ourselves, but a production project has a lot of moving parts, and we can’t do it all. But that’s okay, because we know who can and we can help you find the right crew for your film.

Fugal Productions: Why not?

Kidding. I think we’ve covered that.


Discounts available for extended projects and multiple bookings!